Welcome to the Embassy of Malawi in Brussels

HEH.E. Tedson Aubrey Kalebe
Ambassador of Malawi


Welcome to our website. It is designed to give you a flavour of what the Mission is all about and will put them in the light of the varied work the mission is working to achieve. Our aim here is to facilitate and allow every visitor to be part of what is happening in our mission as well as in Malawi.

The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi is accredited to the Kingdoms of Belgium, the Republic of France, the Republic of Italy, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Monaco as well as serving as a Permanent Mission of the European Communities. The Embassy also covers other organisations in these six countries.

Consistent with the Government of Malawi’s foreign policy which in essence seeks to promote maintenance of sound bilateral and multilateral relations for advancement of the interests of the country, Embassy is cultivation mutually beneficial relations with all our development partners. In a true spirit of partnership, the primary focus is on bringing to the fore the investment opportunities and touristic attractions obtaining in Malawi, facilitating development support for major programmes being undertaken by the Government and assist in boosting Malawi’s share of global trade.

The Embassy is also involved in humanitarian programmes being undertaken with the support of well-meaning, countries, institutions and individuals for targeted programmes and beneficiaries in Malawi.

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Important Information

Attention to all travelers and Malawian returnees. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the rise of cases in Malawi, the Government of the Republic of Malawi is requesting all travelers and Malawian returnees to complete a pre-departure form, stating approval to comply to the COVID-19 response requirements established by the government .

The Mission urges all to comply with the requirements.

Please find the registration form in this Link.
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In light of the COVID 19 pandemic the Mission would like to inform all travellers that the Malawi Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services has suspended issuance of Visas until further notice.

important notice

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In light of the COVID 19 pandemic the mission advises travelers seeking to obtain a visa to Malawi to take into consideration all risks associated with the travel and to note that upon arrival in Malawi passengers coming from affected countries shall undergo a screening process and will face the process of a 14 day quarantine.

important notice