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Overview: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Overview: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


he Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as a link between Malawi and the rest of the world including multilateral organizations. It is the government organ responsible for formulating, implementing and monitoring the foreign policy of the government of the Republic of Malawi. The Ministry facilitates the promotion of good political, economic and social relations between the country and other countries and international organizations.


To promote and protect Malawi’s interest and maintain good international relations through implementation of its foreign policy, in order to contribute to sustainable development and territorial integrity


To provide policy guidance and advice on all matters on the engagements between Malawi and the international community.


A high quality diplomatic service that promotes and protects Malawi’s interests and image.

Core Values:

 Professionalism, Transparency, Accountability, Patriotism, Confidentiality, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovativeness, and Courtesy.

Honourable Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka (MP) at Riyadh

Strategic Objectives

  • Promote development diplomacy as a fundamental tool of the country’s foreign policy;
  • Provide State and Government Protocol Services
  • Protect Malawi’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;
  • Promote international/regional peace and security as well as good neighborliness;
  • Adopt and promote a pragmatic and independent stance in global affairs commensurate with Malawi’s National Interest;
  • Advance socio-economic development of Malawi;
  • Promote bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation;
  • Promote engagement with Malawians in the Diaspora;
  • Project Malawi’s positive and progressive image globally;

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