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Public Holidays

May 13, 2022 - In Public Holidays

Public Holidays

Saturday 1st January

Monday 17th January
Thursday 3rd March
Friday 15th April
Monday 18th April
Monday 2nd May
Monday 16th May
Thursday 26th May
Monday 6th June
Wednesday 6th July
Thursday 21st July
Monday 15th August
Monday 17th October
Tuesday 1st November
Friday 11th November
Sunday 25th December
Monday 26th December

New Year’s Day
John Chilembwe Day
Martyr’s Day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Labor Day & End of Ramadan
Kamuzu Banda Day
Ascension Day
Whit Monday
Malawi Independence Day
Belgium National Day
Assumption Day
Mothers’ Day
All Saints’ Day
Armistices Day
Christmas Day
Boxing Day

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