Our mission is to strive to be an efficient and effective tool that contributes to the advancement of Malawi’s economic, political and social interests. We also seek to advance, promote and protect the interests of Malawi so as to better the quality of life of its citizens through the development of the economy, infrastructure and trade, and contribute towards the ultimate goal of poverty eradication while promoting Malaw as an active partner in the global economy.


1. To promote and facilitate Malawi’s interests in trade, foreign aid, investment and tourism.

2. To enhance relations with the European Union and the countries of accreditation.

3. To enhance Malawi’s multilateral relations through active participation in meetings and activities of the organisations to which the Mission is accredited.


About Our Mission

The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi in Brussels is the official representative of the Government of Malawi to the Kingdom of Belgium. The Embassy is also accredited on non-residential basis to the following countries:

Accredited Organizations


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