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ETD (Emergency Travel Document)


- 2 Passport size photos
- A copy of the first page of a Malawi passport
- A copy of the most direct plane ticket/itinerary
- A letter stating the reason for the request of an ETD
- A police report if the travel document is stolen or lost
- 30€ fee payable to:

- A copy of the proof of payment for the EDT
- A self addressed A4 envelope and €10 return postage fee
You may also facilitate the transportation of your documents by using courier services –DHL,UPS,FEDEX etc.


You can download form here.


Certification of Documents:

Certification of all documents attract a fee of 30 Euros. This is payable to the Embassy's accounts

(see above)


For the renewal of passports, please call Malawi High Commission in London on +44 207 421 6010/+44 208 455 5624 or you may process directly with the Malawi Immigration Department in Malawi


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