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The Government of the Republic of Malawi is introducing a new visa regime with effect from 1st October, 2015. The new visa regulations introduce visa fees for nationals of all countries except the following:

(i) Nationals from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Member States where Malawians are not subject to visa;

(ii) Nationals from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Member States where Malawians are not subject to visa;

(iii) Nationals of the Commonwealth Nations where Malawians are not subject to visa; and

(iv) Nationals of all other countries where Malawians are not subject to visa.

However, the new regulations maintain exemption of visas to diplomats accredited to Malawi, holders of Diplomatic Service Passports, Laissez-Passer and ordinary passports travelling on official government business.

The visas will be issued as follows:






€ 65


Single entry valid for 3 months




Multiple entry 6 months




Multiple entry 12 months





You can download the Malawi Visa Form Here.


Visas should be obtained before departure for Malawi. The following documents are required to be
sent to the Embassy of Malawi, Avenue Herrmann Debroux 46,1160 Brussels, via registered mail
or courier services:

* Passport
* Two (2) duly completed application forms printed on an A4 Portrait.
* Two (2) passport size photographs in colour. * A copy of your return air-ticket or flight booking confirmation.

* A copy of your Residential ID (in colour).

* An invitation letter if being invited by someone in Malawi

* A self-address return envelop + €15.00 postage fee. Arrangement of delivery by courier services is also acceptable.
* A copy of the proof of payment of the visa. Please note that all bank transfer cost are incurred by the sender.


- Visa processing period (Maximum 5 working days) prior to the day the application is received.

- Visa application submission for individuals (Wednesdays between 10am and 1pm).

Payment for the visa should be made to:

*** The Embassy is not responsible for loss/damage of any of the documents presented.